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It has been seven months since my husband told me that he is gay.  I am struggling right now with impatience to get on with the rest of my life.  I feel like I am on hold just waiting for things to happen, and I wish I could jump into what my life will be a year from now. I have two more weeks of college classes.  I have 5 more weeks until I will have completed my 6 month pre-op weight loss plan in order to have my gastric bypass, and then I will have to wait for approval, scheduling, and a 10 day recovery.  After the recovery period, I can find a job and hopefully claim my independence from my current situation.  For the past few weeks I have had a difficult time staying positive as I wait for everything to fall into place, so tonight I am going to focus on what I have accomplished in the last seven months.

  • I have lost 30 pounds
  • I have kicked my addiction to Diet Coke
  • I told my parents,and my sister
  • I told a trusted college instructor
  • I told a trusted friend
  • We told the kids
  • I started a blog…and people have even viewed it!!
  • I have almost completed 32 credit hours of college courses with a 4.0GPA (Two more weeks baby!)
  • I have gone to the gym and used the elliptical trainer almost every day
  • I raced my son up  a hill, for the first time in his life.
  • I have a mini cyber crush…..can’t wait to met him once I am hot, and no he has no clue I exist.  🙂
  • I have learned to negotiate 100 tiny conflicts with my future ex without losing my cool.
  • I have made sure that all 4 kids have their homework done, and make it to all of their extra activities.
  • I have made it through basketball season, hockey season, swim team, and I am all set to face baseball season and summer swimming.
  • I have gotten rid of two huge bags of clothes that are now too big.
  • I have volunteered over 25 times
  • I have worked ( extremely part-time but it counts right?)
  • I have updated my resume and cover letter

There, I feel better already.  I might have to print this out and read it often, but I am making progress and I am well on my way.